Design Philosophy

Your Style is Our Style

One of the things you may notice in our portfolio is the variety of styles represented. We design for our clients, not for our ego. A home has to reflect you and your life style. Interiors International will make you fall in love every time you come home.


We Approach Design Like No One Else  …

Consider the Space

All undeveloped spaces have a character or nature unique to themselves. Even identical floor plans within a singular building because of changing light and views. This must be considered before appropriate modifications can take place.

Hate it or Love it

We develop the design vocabulary for each project by discovering what design will fit you and your lifestyle. We encourage our clients to use the words love and hate to express their feelings towards styles and colors. Our top designer, Johnathan Weiss, relentlessly conveys his philosophy to his clients,” If you like it now, you won’t like it later, but if you love it today, you will love it for the rest of your life”. With our talent and expertise we will unfold and interpret exactly what you want in your home after spending only a few hours together.

It Should Be Fun!

Creating your new space should be a memorable experience. When you work with us, designing your home will be fun experience. We bring personality and style everywhere we go. If you don’t like to laugh and smile everyday, we probably should not work together.

We Will Make it Look Great

Over the years, people collect valuable personal possessions they want in their home. Many design styles can be blended together to make your belongings look beautiful in your new home. We use color, light, and elegant design to tie different styles together.  Our clients truly appreciate the thoughtful inclusion and respect we exhibit for their personal possessions that they have accumulated throughout their life.

Let’s Create Your Story …

We fulfill dreams and incorporate answers to your needs. As in publishing, we create a team of talented and skilled people and then orchestrate each element of the project to seamlessly bind it all together and achieve your vision. We think of ourselves as editors in the sense that you have already written the book of your life. Our job is to illustrate your book and create the vision that reflects your personality.

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